Strategic Partnership: TRANSTEX & Bison Transport

TRANSTEX is proud to be a long-time strategic partner of Bison Transport, one of Canada’s largest for-hire carriers. Based in Winnipeg, MB, Bison Transport operates across Canada and services 48 American states.

Being happy with the durability and performance of the EDGETM 2330T skirt, their trailers have been 100% equipped with the latter for over 5 years. Since 2019, Bison has added EDGETM TopKits® to all new trailers, while continuing to equip them with EDGETM 2330T skirts, making TRANSTEX their exclusive supplier of trailer aerodynamic side and rear fairings. With the addition of the EDGETM TopKit®, Bison is maximizing their fuel savings and reducing their carbon footprint.

TRANSTEX’s EDGETM Skirts are lightweight aerodynamic solutions that are EPA SmartWay® Verified, CARB Compliant, and CARB GHG Phase 2 Bin III Pre-Approved.

About Bison Transport

One of the largest carriers in Canada today, Bison Transport serves Canada and 48 nearby states. As a high-service, dependable, and value-creating supply-chain partner, Bison Transport offers full truckload service, full-service logistics, dedicated fleet operations, yard management, and warehousing and distribution. Bison is committed to the betterment of its communities, as well as incorporating environmental sustainability into their day-to-day operations.


TRANSTEX develops and manufactures leading-edge trailer aerodynamic solutions that offer fleets the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic products that lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value, TRANSTEX delivers innovative offerings that improve customers’ bottom line. Located in Montreal and operating in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the transportation industry for over ten years.

For more information, please contact TRANSTEX’s Marketing team at 1-877-332-3519.