TRANSTEX is the leader in the development and manufacturing of aerodynamic solutions. Made from high quality materials, EDGETM aerodynamic solutions are the industry leaders in performance, reliability and value. Highly durable and flexible, EDGETM products are manufactured to be as tough as your trailer and are available for a variety of trailer applications.


Named as an HDT Top 20 Product twice, the EDGETM TopKit® is an innovative solution that reduces drag and requires no driver interaction. It makes a perfect combination with the EDGETM Skirts for a complete aerodynamic package.


TRANSTEX develops and manufactures solutions that offer fleet operators the capacity to significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle safety. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic solutions that lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value. TRANSTEX delivers innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the customers’ bottom line. Operating in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the industry in North America for over 15 years and is based in central Indiana, USA.

EPA SmartWay Verified | C.A.R.B. Compliant
The EDGETM TopKit® is EPA SmartWay® Verified and C.A.R.B. Compliant.

Easy To Install & Low Maintenance
The EDGETM TopKit® is made with you in mind. Its simple design has less parts, requiring almost no maintenance or downtime. Its design is perfect for all trailer applications and is intermodal compatible.

The Product
The EDGETM TopKit® is made from recyclable TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolen) and are designed to withstand all weather conditions. Weighing 63lbs, the system can be installed in 1 hour.