Todd P. McGuire, Vice Preside of Sales at TRANSTEX, featured on The Heavy-Duty Parts Report with Jamie Irvine.

Lowering Cost-Per-Mile with Trailer Aerodynamics

Todd P. McGuire, Vice President of Sales at TRANSTEX, joined Jamie Irvine to talk about “Aerodynamics for Commercial Trailers.”

During this episode of Heavy Duty Parts Report, they discussed lowering cost-per-mile, an important point for many fleets. With additions like trailer skirts, fleets can not only lower fuel consumption, but also reduce fuel emissions!

The amount of fuel savings that fleets can enjoy is dependent on several factors like driver experience and load hauled. However, trailer aero offers a huge potential to save money by increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Fleets have the opportunity to equip their trailers with aerodynamic systems for even better results. These consist of packaging devices like side skirts, mud flaps, and rear-end devices together for higher fuel savings.

TRANSTEX’s very own system, the EDGE ELITE AERO SYSTEM (EEAS), was recently tested through an independent third party. Their fuel savings results equaled 10.49%, or 12.09 gallons per 1,000 miles driven. With the EEAS, fleets can save $2,877 per trailer and get a 6 month ROI.

Another key advantage is that the EDGE ELITE AERO SYSTEM requires no driver interaction.

Jamie and Todd cover other topics like reducing harmful emissions, OEM support, aftermarket sales, and more. Listen to the full interview here to learn more about the many benefits of aero for your fleet. When you’re done, make sure to participate in our drawing for a free set of EDGE Skirts!