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MVTS Tests EDGE Products on Corrugated Reefer Trailer

MVTS Certified Testing Proves Significant Fuel Savings for the TRANSTEX® EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM (Refrigerated Trailer)

The EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM shows a 7.88% increase in fuel efficiency for corrugated refrigerated trailers, saving fleets up to $2,832 per vehicle

LAS CRUCES, N.M.May 27, 2021 /CNW/ — Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions (MVTS) recently completed testing for the TRANSTEX EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM on a refrigerated trailer with corrugated sides and determined that the technology provided fuel savings of 8.88 gallons per 1,000 miles or 7.88%. The system includes the E-2330T EDGE SKIRTSTM, the EDGE TOPKIT+, and EDGE FLAPS.

“Refrigerated trailers have a different aerodynamic behavior considering their corrugated sidewalls, fuel tank, and refrigeration unit, which is why fleets with refrigerated trailers will see different fuel efficiency results compared to dry van trailers with flat sidewalls. Given the difference in aerodynamic profile, our Engineering team continuously works to refine TRANSTEX’s product offering for various trailer applications,” said Pierre-Yves Lacroix, Engineering Director at TRANSTEX. “MVTS Certified Testing results validate our performance assertions, distinguishing EDGE products from other players in the industry.”

MVTS calculated that the use of the EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM would result in 1,110 gallons of fuel annually, or $2,832 saved per vehicle at 125,000 driven miles. When translated across a 1,000-truck fleet and a five-year average trailer life, the profits would be $2.232 million annually.

Testing was done using two 2019 International LT 625 trucks with Cummins X15 15-liter engines, Eaton Endurant 12-speed Automated Manual Transmissions, and 2021 Utility 53-foot refrigerated trailers with corrugated sidewalls. Testing was conducted at 65 miles per hour and a gross vehicle weight of 45,000 pounds.

“MVTS testing has measured substantial savings with the TRANSTEX EDGE ELITE AERO SYSTEM. With the system savings of 8.88 gallons per 1,000 miles for refrigerated trailers and 12.09 gallons per 1,000 miles for dry vans, it is evident the TRANSTEX team has worked hard to develop a solution that saves fleets a lot of fuel,” said Daryl Bear, lead engineer and COO of MVTS.

“Bringing efficient solutions to transportation is at the core of our operations. We continue to invest in innovation through R&D and are proud to offer customers a system that delivers significant fuel savings for various trailer types,” said Mathieu Desjardins, General Manager, TRANSTEX. “Innovation and ambition fuel our desire to grow as a global leader, which is why we continue to expand our line of solutions for tractor and trailer applications.”

A full version of the EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM report can be downloaded here.

Find out more about the EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM here.

About MVT Solutions
MVT Solutions, a subsidiary of Mesilla Valley Transportation, provides fuel economy testing based on race car engineering. This high-tech testing methodology can obtain accuracy up to 0.25% and accounts for such variables as wind, driver behavior and duty cycle. With over 500 fuel economy tests conducted to date, the company’s proven approach provides highly reliable and consistent data that enables trucking companies to make more informed choices and manufacturers to design and develop products backed by accurate fuel efficiency information that customers trust. MVT Solutions also provides consulting services to fleets looking to implement the right fuel-savings technologies for their operations. MVT Solutions was founded in 2016 and is based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. To learn more about MVT Solutions and for the latest in fuel efficiency news, visit

TRANSTEX develops and manufactures leading-edge trailer aerodynamic solutions that offer fleets the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic products, TRANSTEX delivers innovative offerings that improve customers’ bottom line. Located in Indianapolis and operating in the USACanada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the transportation industry for over 15 years. For additional information, please visit

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Hirschbach & TRANSTEX Logo | New Partnership | 1,100 EDGE ELITE AERO SYSTEM | Trailer Aerodynamic Kit

Hirshbach Press Release – Trailer Aerodynamic Kits

Hirschbach deploys 1,100 TRANSTEX® EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEMS – Trailer Aerodynamic Kits

DUBUQUE, IowaFeb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Hirschbach Motor Lines, one of the nation’s most respected and forward-thinking refrigerated carriers, announced today a new partnership with TRANSTEX, a pioneer manufacturer of elite fuel-saving aerodynamic solutions for full trailer coverage.

As part of its mission to reduce its carbon footprint and leverage technology across their fleet, Hirschbach will deploy 1,100 EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEMS across the country. TRANSTEX’s EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM is a three-piece trailer solution that improves fuel efficiency by 10.49%, or 12.09 gallons per 1,000 miles driven. Fleets can save $2,877 per trailer and get a 6-month ROI.

“Hirschbach is committed to modifying its carbon footprint for future generations. As good stewards, it is our commitment to improve fuel efficiency across our operations. Through analytical testing and in-house ROI calculations based on engineering data we evaluate the equipment deployed in our fleet,” says Nick Forte, Vice President of Maintenance at Hirschbach. “Recent track testing by TRANSTEX demonstrated the highest fuel-savings results for a trailer aerodynamic kit. The overall fuel performance of the EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM was substantial. A major concern for refrigerated carriers looking to implement rear-end aerodynamic devices is the soft seal around loading docks. Other devices interfere with the seal and cause compliance and food safety issues. The system’s simple design and no moving parts does not obstruct the seal.  Combined with the flexibility of the T-FLEX Blue Bracket, the system’s longevity was also a key factor in our decision to partner with TRANSTEX. This is a technology that can be championed by our drivers.”

Hirschbach currently operates 1,800 Class 8 trucks and 3,500 trailers and expects to continue its growth plans through the purchase of an additional 500 power units and 1,200 trailers in 2021.

TRANSTEX has always worked closely with its customers. “Hirschbach is known for their high quality of service and their strength in adopting the latest technology to optimize their operations.” says Mathieu Boivin, CEO and President of TRANSTEX, “This partnership offers strong support for our business, as it validates our continual investment in R&D by providing fleets with advanced value-added solutions. We look forward to contributing to Hirschbach’s Green Fleet Strategy and helping shape the future of transportation aerodynamics.”

To find out more on the EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM, please visit

About Hirschbach Motor Lines
Founded in 1935, Hirschbach Motor Lines is an industry leading transportation carrier. Hirschbach offers experienced, refrigerated truckload services to all 48 states. In addition, Hirschbach offers clients a complete range of dedicated transportation solutions and a wide range of innovative specialized services. The business continues to grow. The company now has a fleet of 2000+ trucks and 3,500+ trailers, multiple terminal locations, and continues to expand into new service areas. For more information, visit

TRANSTEX develops and manufactures leading-edge trailer aerodynamic solutions that offer fleets the ability to significantly reduce fuel consumption. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic products, TRANSTEX delivers innovative offerings that improve customers’ bottom line that lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value. Operating in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the industry in North America for over fifteen years and is based in Indiana, USA. For additional information, please visit

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Read the live Press Release here.

Canada Invests in Clean Technologies in Quebec

TRANSTEX is proud to be the aerodynamic trailer technology supplier of choice for Natural Resources Canada’s Green Freight Assessment Program.

As part of Canada’s investment in clean technologies, Martin Roy Transport (MRT) will receive $74,747 to implement NRC’s energy assessment recommendations. “This includes incorporating 860 aerodynamic equipment retrofits that will reduce emissions and fuel consumption and improve competitiveness.” MRT will be equipping its trailers with TRANSTEX’s EDGE™ Skirts and EDGE™ TopKit.

“Martin Roy Transport is committed to integrating available technologies that are adapted to our fleet to enable the most energy-efficient freight transportation possible,” says Johanne Valence, Media Relations, Martin Roy Transport.

Read the full press release, Canada Invests in Clean Technologies in Quebec, here.

TRANSTEX in Transport Topics: Options Expand for Trailer Aerodynamics.

Transport Topics interviewed TRANSTEX and our customers for their article “Options Expand for Trailer Aerodynamics!”

Here’s what Ron Hall, C.R. England’s Vice President of Equipment, had to say:

“C.R. England began installing the skirts, manufactured by TRANSTEX, four or five years ago after being dissatisfied with warranty support for skirts supplied by a different manufacturer.

Solid durability and flexibility are essential in trailer skirts because they tend to take a lot of impact.

Bracket design that enables the skirt to flex on impact and return to form while maintaining needed rigidity is crucial.”

“What’s the enemy of a trailer? It’s vibration,” said Mathieu Boivin, TRANSTEX’s President & CEO as he introduced a new and highly engineered aerodynamic skirt.

Read the full article here.

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TRANSTEX CEO Interviewed for RoadSigns Podcast!

It’s finally here! Check out the new RoadSigns podcast episode featuring Mathieu Boivin, President & CEO of TRANSTEX. In this episode, three industry experts discuss the future of tractor and trailer aerodynamics.

You will also get to hear from Josh Butler, President of FlowBelow Aero, Inc., and Kyle Wallace, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics at Navajo Express.

Listen to the episode, How Much More Juice can be Squeezed out of the Aerodynamics Lemon?, here.

Mathieu joined Seth Clevenger, Managing Editor at Transport Topics, to talk aerodynamics and record this episode during #TMCAnnual19!

TRANSTEX Acquires TopKit® Asset from SmartTruck

INDIANAPOLIS, INApril 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – TRANSTEX LLC, a leader in the development and manufacturing of aerodynamic solutions and fleet safety technology for commercial vehicles, announced today the acquisition of the TopKit and LeadEdge Top Fairing assets from SmartTruck, a precision aerodynamics company based in Greenville, South Carolina.

The transaction represents an important strategic opportunity for TRANSTEX as it fulfills its mission of providing customers with leading-edge solutions that maximize fuel savings. The TopKit, which is EPA SmartWay® verified and C.A.R.B. compliant, redirects air towards the rear of the trailer to reduce drag, and benefits dry vans, reefers and straight trucks with swing or rollup doors. The LeadEdge improves the airflow between the truck and trailer or two tandem trailers.

“This strategic acquisition allows us to work even more closely with our customers,” said Mathieu Boivin, President and CEO of TRANSTEX“to provide additional solutions that help them stay competitive.”

“With these new aerodynamic assets in our bank of IP, we’ll create new synergies with our continuous investment in R&D. By leveraging our engineering expertise, we’ll develop new products and refine our solutions so these innovations can build on our long-term growth strategy.”

This asset purchase complements TRANSTEX’s EDGE™ aerodynamics product line. For example, the new combination of EDGE™ Skirts™ and TopKit enables trailer manufacturers to certify their trailers under C.A.R.B.’s GHG Phase 2 Regulations in the USA and Canada.

“For years, the majority of today’s most-admired fleets chose to equip their trailers with either TRANSTEX EDGE™ Skirts or SmartTruck Aero TopKits,” said Todd McGuire, Vice-President of Sales at TRANSTEX. “So this acquisition combines two respected industry innovators, and will be beneficial to both fleet and trailer industry suppliers alike. Those looking to combine both technologies as a sole-source bundle can now take fuel efficiency, profitability, and North American regulatory compliance to the next level in 2019 and beyond.”

TRANSTEX develops and manufactures solutions that offer fleet operators the capacity to significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve vehicle safety. A pioneer manufacturer of aerodynamic solutions that lead the industry in performance, reliability, and value, TRANSTEX delivers innovative hardware and software solutions that improve the customers’ bottom line. Operating in the USACanada, and Mexico, TRANSTEX has been serving the industry in North America for over ten years and is based in central Indiana, USA. For additional information, please visit

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Marketing Director, TRANSTEX 
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Read the press release here.

E-SMART in Truck News!

TRANSTEX recently appeared in an article by Truck News & Truck West! Featured in the article is E-SMART, TRANSTEX’s Speed & Fuel Management Solution.

Download it ®-Connects-Speeds-and-Locations-20180503.pdf”>here.
Read it live here.