Bends but never breaks.

TRANSTEX has designed and developed The Blue Bracket; a revolutionary product that bends but never breaks. The Blue Bracket is made with an engineered material with a nylon base. Its concave design, inspired by the geometry of the measuring tape, ensures flexibility and durability without permanent deformation. The Blue Bracket is angled to withstand a bigger load before deflecting, keeping your panels straight for optimized aerodynamics.

Its integrated features and pre-assembled hardware assure fast and easy installation for reduced cost of ownership.

Watch the Blue Bracket in action!

You go to great lengths to serve your clients, so we went to great lengths to make sure you don’t stop under any condition.

The Blue Bracket is designed for fast and easy installation thanks to its pre-assembled clip-on hardware and integrated features. It is the only bracket that bends 180 degrees and returns to its original shape, thus reducing downtime. Easy to manage, the Blue Bracket is compatible with all trailers.