Transtex’s Very Own Guillaume Désourdy Was Featured In A Transport Topics Article!

Last month, over the course of ExopCam 2017, our engineer Guillaume Désourdy had a chance to meet with an editor from Transport Topics. The gentleman seemed quite interested in Guillaume, picking his brain about Transtex, our products, the added value, aerodynamics, and so on.

This impromptu interview lead to an interesting article in the magazine.  The latter recounted details on how high diesel prices in Canada fuel fleets’ desire for cost savings thru aerodynamic solutions. Guillaume was not only quoted about our new Blue Bracket, and our aerodynamic skirts; his picture is also included in the article!

Read the article live here, or click here to download it!

Testing At Transtex: Experimental Modal Analysis

Have you ever wondered why our brackets are positioned where they are along our aerodynamic skirts? Well, it wasn’t by random selection! Transtex engineers always go the extra mile to ensure that every inch of our product, brackets included, is tested rigorously for optimal stability on the road.

So let’s go back to our original question: why are brackets positions where they are along the skirt panel? Consider the purpose of the bracket; not only is it meant to attach the skirt to the trailer, it is also meant to stabilize the system under all road conditions. This allows it to withstand road vibrations, thus improving the endurance and life expectancy of the skirt.

Transtex tests the aerodynamic skirts using the Experimental Modal Analysis to determine the natural frequencies of the structure. This allows our engineers to detect the optimal bracket placement locations across the panel.

Experimental Modal Analysis is the study of the dynamic properties of an object under vibration. In other words, it is a non-destructive test method that studies how an object responds to a changing amplitude of vibrations. To conduct the Experimental Modal Analysis, an impact hammer with a force sensor at the tip is placed on one side of the skirt to create the necessary vibrations. An accelerometer is attached to the opposite side to measure the amplitude of the oscillations, i.e. the back and forth movement of the skirt. The impact hammer then moves, or “roves,” across the skirt panel following a predefined pattern that is based on computer analysis.

During a road test, Transtex measures the critical oscillation frequencies using the accelerometer. The roving hammer test determines the critical and natural oscillation frequencies of the skirt panel allowing our engineers to locate the optimal placement for the brackets, thus increasing the maximum road life span of the skirt panels.

ExpoCam Has Just Begun!

It’s the first day of ExpoCam at Place Bonaventure in Montreal, and we can’t wait to see you. Don’t forget to pass by Booth #4909. While you’re there take the time to speak with our Director of Sales, Jason Poupart, and participate in our draw to win a free skirt set! All you have to do is leave us your business card. See you soon!

Visit Transtex At Booth #4909 @ ExpoCam!

Visit us at Booth #4909 on April 20th, 21st, and 22nd at Place Bonaventure! Don’t pass up the chance to chat with our dedicated team of engineers, marketers, management, and of course our director of sales Jason Poupart. While you’re there, participate in our on-site challenge!

Transtex will be featuring The Revolutionary Blue Bracket at ExpoCam 2017. Unlike other brackets in the market, our innovative support system for aerodynamic skirts is angled to withstand a bigger load before deflecting.

Introducing The Revolutionary Blue Bracket For Aerodynamic Skirts

We are proud to introduce our Revolutionary Blue Bracket. Unmatched by anything on the market, the Blue Bracket bends but never breaks.Its concave design is ideal for bending and flexing without any permanent deformations. It is robust. Unlike other brackets in the market, the Blue Bracket is angled to withstand a bigger load before deflecting. Its integrated features allow for more efficient installation, and reduced cost of ownership. Click here to watch our video on the New Blue Bracket.