Check Out Ben McKee’s FleetPride Branded Remote Controlled Car!

TMC came and went, but we haven’t forgotten our Transtex Superspeedway Winner! Ben McKee are you ready to drive your FleetPride decaled remote controlled car? We bet you’re excited, because you’ll be getting your prize shortly, and we want pictures of you racing it around! Again, congratulations on winning the Transtex Superspeedway challenge Ben.

Visit Transtex At Booth #4909 @ ExpoCam!

Visit us at Booth #4909 on April 20th, 21st, and 22nd at Place Bonaventure! Don’t pass up the chance to chat with our dedicated team of engineers, marketers, management, and of course our director of sales Jason Poupart. While you’re there, participate in our on-site challenge!

Transtex will be featuring The Revolutionary Blue Bracket at ExpoCam 2017. Unlike other brackets in the market, our innovative support system for aerodynamic skirts is angled to withstand a bigger load before deflecting.

We’re Hiring!

Transtex is looking for a Product Development Engineer! If you share the same passion as the Transtex family, then we encourage you to apply!

Curious About How We Test Our Skirts?

Transtex prides itself on providing you with the number one aerodynamic skirt on the market. Our products go through rigorous testing to ensure that you get nothing but the best.


Aerodynamic skirts are placed on a shaker rig, which imitates their setup on a trailer. They are then subjected to 70 consecutive hours under a random vibration load, at ASTM D4728 Assurance Level 1, in order to replicate vibrations caused by road conditions. The purpose of this test is to do a life assessment of the skirt in a realistic and controlled environment.


The aerodynamic skirt is subjected to deformation in order to determine how it reacts to body and ground interference, like accidents for example. Destructive testing allows us to observe any failure or damage to the brackets and skirt combination. When combined with computer simulations, the data gathered helps us determine possible failure locations across the skirt and brackets.


A flexural test is performed under various conditions, such as hot and cold temperatures. The purpose of this test is to determine the forces and deflections beyond elastic deformation. Note that elastic deformation is a temporary shape change that reverses once force is removed. Our Blue Bracket, for example, is designed to stay within the elastic region. Furthermore, our kits are also tested for stability on the road in order to measure the displacement amplitude of the side skirt assembly under road vibrations.

Transtex Is A Proud Member Of The ATA, TMC, WIT, And TCA

Transtex is proud to be a member of American Trucking Association, Technology & Maintenance Council, Women In Trucking, and Truckload Carriers Association. We believe in supporting and improving all aspects of the commercial vehicle industry, including safety, equipment, sustainability, and increasing opportunities for women.

And The Winner Is… FleetPride’s Very Own Ben McKee!!!

Congratulations Ben McKee from FleetPride! Ben is the winner of Transtex’s Live Racing Event at the 2017 TMC Annual Meeting. Attendees of the show gathered at Booth #439 to race around the Transtex Superspeedway. The prize of the on-site contest was a custom decaled remote controlled car. Ben, we hope you’re ready to race around the office with your cool new car!