E-SMART Fuel & Speed Management

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E-SMART, Transtex’s newly launched speed and fuel management system, is bridging the gap between tomorrow’s autonomous truck and today’s equipment. E-SMART’s intelligent system offers fleets an innovative way of improving safety, security, compliance and fuel efficiency through proactive and real-time driver management, fleet monitoring and control.

E-SMART offers an intelligent speed management solution. It proactively corrects excessive speeding habits and helps drivers adopt safer ones. Using GPS technology, the E-SMART system accurately determines a driver’s location in real time and caps the maximum speed that the vehicle can attain in a posted speed zone. Based on fleet preference, a predetermined maximum vehicle speed for each speed zone can be programmed into the system.

Additionally, E-SMART offers geofencing (the creation of a virtual geographic boundary) that allows a fleet to set specific speed limits to a particular location. Examples include geofencing school zones or fleet yards for increased safety and security measures.

The fuel management feature is an advanced addition available for E-SMART. Using Load Based Power Management, the system assesses the required engine power of a vehicle according to the load it is carrying all while efficiently managing the vehicle’s fuel supply. An excellent advantage of the the fuel management feature is the thousands of gallons of fuel that a fleet will save yearly. Based on the administrator’s preference, a predetermined maximum fuel allocation according to vehicle payload can be programmed into the system. Additionally, the fuel management feature offers detailed fuel reports through the web portal making it easy to track all fleet vehicles’ fuel consumption.

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