Fully Automated | No Driver Interaction

TRANSTEX is the leader in the development and manufacturing of aerodynamic solutions for commercial vehicle applications. Made from glass-reinforced thermoplastic composite, EDGE aerodynamic tails are the industry leaders in performance, reliability and value. EDGE Tail delivers up to 10% in fuel savings when combined with the EDGE Skirt set.
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• Up to 5% in fuel savings
• Absolutely no driver interaction
• Fully automated device
• Deploys & closes automatically using GPS signal
• Manual override feature for cleaning and periodic maintenance when not connected to tractor
• Designed for quick and easy installation
• Designed to withstand all weather conditions
• UV protection rating of 15,000 hours
• Highly durable  and  flexible materials
• Corrosion free – No steel parts
• Simple design
• Less parts, low maintenance and no downtime
• Trailer doors are visible for advertisement and logos
• Available in white, black and grey



Built with minimal interactions in mind, TRANSTEX has designed the EDGE Tail to self-deploy and close using GPS technology. Fully automatic, the tail auto-deploys when a vehicle reaches a speed of 40 mph, ensuring the driver is not required to interact with the device. The tail automatically closes when the vehicle speed is reduced to 15 mph. This feature guarantees that there is no damage caused to the tail while backing up in truck stops and while driving in yards and cities. The EDGE Tail features an easy-to-use manual override that allows for cleaning and periodic maintenance.


The EDGE Tail was built with winter in mind. All panels fold downward reducing the build up of snow and ice.


What happens when you lose the GPS signal?

The device closes after 5 min of no signal.  

What happens if the tail malfunctions? Can I still open the door?

Yes, using the manual override.

Can I open the tail for washing when not connected to the tailor/electricity?

Yes, using the manual override.

What are the expected fuel savings results?

5% Plus

What is the warranty period?

2 years

Are there any operational constraints?

None – Fully automatic

How much does it weight?

150 lbs.

What is the installation time?

2 trained technicians can install the EDGE TAIL in 3 hours.

What is the lead time for manufacturing?

We will start shipping out in January, let us know when you want them and we will reserve your units

What is the lead time and availability for spare parts?

Transtex has an outstanding CS. 2 weeks at the most.

Can the Tail function in winter conditions?


Are there maintenance costs?

6 months periodic maintenance, not more than 30 min

Durability of the mechanical linkages vs your competitors?

Electrical actuators, no steel parts, all aluminum or composite.