E•SMARTDRIVER, Transtex’s newly launched Fleet Management Solution, is bridging the gap between tomorrow’s autonomous truck and today’s equipment. E•SMARTDRIVER’s intelligent system offers fleets an innovative way of improving safety, security, compliance and fuel efficiency through proactive and real-time driver management, fleet monitoring and control. E•SMARTDRIVER is a system that takes action for the administrator all while providing online reporting through an intuitive and simple web portal.


“For more than two decades, speeding has been involved in approximately one-third of all motor vehicle fatalities”¹

“Speeding violations are arguably the most common reason for traffic stops around the country”²

“FMCSA uses the SMS to prioritize carriers for interventions, focusing on those that pose the highest safety risk”³

The higher the BASIC percentile, the worse the performance. Carriers with percentiles exceeding acceptable thresholds are prioritized for interventions.” ⁴

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“…fuel economy typically decreases rapidly at speeds above 50 to 55 miles per hour (mph). For example, when compared to 75 mph, traveling at 55 mph saved 28 percent more fuel while driving at 65 mph saved 15 percent more fuel.” ¹
“ [ATRI found] speed limiters to be one of the top fuel-saving technologies currently being employed by fleets.” ²

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  • 1. Is this system satellite based, or GPS based?

    The E-SMARTDRIVER system is GPS based.
  • 2. Is this system compatible with iPhone?

    The E-SMARTDRIVER system is not currently compatible with iPhone. Android was prioritized as it represents over 80% of the North American market. The iOS (iPhone Operating System) enabled platform will follow after the completion of all features for the Android operating system.
  • 3. Will this system provide IFTA tax reports by State?

    The E-SMARTDRIVER system does not currently offer IFTA Reports. This feature will be available later this year.
  • 4. Will this system follow a driver from truck to truck throughout the day?

    Yes, the system will follow a driver as long as they log-in to their user account while in each vehicle. All records of the driver will show on his or her reports.
  • 5. Will this system support temporary drivers who show up for the day?

    Yes, the  system will allow for temporary drivers as long as the administrator creates a unique user code on the E-SMARTDRIVER Portal (Management interface).
  • 6. What happens when a driver gets to the scale facility and realizes that they forgot to log-in that day?

    Even if the driver forgets to log-in, the E-SMARTDRIVER system will record data and save it as an unassigned record. Once the driver logs in, all unassigned records for the vehicle will be presented to the driver and they will have the ability to assign the records to their user profile. It is good to note that the in-cab smartphone will blink every 2 seconds to remind the driver to log in.
  • 7. What happens if the E-SMARTDRIVER device malfunctions or completely stops working?

    If the device malfunctions the system will reset to OEM Mode. If the device stops working, the power will be disconnected.
  • 8. Will the E-SMARTDRIVER system allow for higher speeds on the highway?

    The E-SMARTDRIVER system is customizable to a fleet’s preference. A predetermined maximum speed can be programmed into the system for each posted speed limit.
  • 9. Will the E-SMARTDRIVER system provide a guarantee if a driver receives a speeding ticket?

    No, the E-SMARTDRIVER system is not responsible for drivers that receive speeding tickets because we cannot foresee any changes that the DOT may make by adding or modifying speed signs on U.S. roads.
  • 10. Will the E-SMARTDRIVER system be responsible if a driver is in an accident?

    No, the E-SMARTDRIVER system is not responsible for a driver who is accountable for an accident; the system only controls the power available to the throttle. The system does not assume responsibility for driving impairments or collisions.
  • 11. Are there demo videos of E-LOG and E-SMARTDRIVER to see how they work?

    Videos will be available in early 2018.
  • 12. Are there reports for HOS by driver for tracking purposes?

    Reports for Hours of Services (HOS) by driver will be available in early 2018.
  • 13. Is your system compatible with LoJack or other telematics? Will you install the product for trial?

    The E-SMARTDRIVER system is not currently compatible with LoJack or other telematics companies, but the system will be compatible with the most popular telematics systems on the market in the future.