Chad Welsh Wins Big With Transtex!

During the month of June Transtex launched a customer feedback survey and offered participants the chance to with prizes as part of a drawing! These included a grand prize of $1,500 in Visa Gift Cards.

Chad Welsh of Northwest Truck & Trailer was the big winner of the drawing!

Check out Doug handing him his big prize!

George Bassily: 5 Years And Counting!

TRANSTEX would like to congratulate & thank George Bassily, VP Engineering & Marketing, for 5 wonderful years of work! George has been a valuable part of the Transtex team; he’s a natural leader, a team player & a man of character & integrity.

Foosball Tournament At Transtex!

Transtex held a Foosball tournament over lunch! People from all departments joined the event, and the competition was fierce.  In the end, Melissa and Walid (left) took home the trophy. There’s never a dull moment at Transtex!

The Panel Holder Solution

Transtex is happy to bring you the Panel Holder. Not only does the Panel Holder stabilize the panel, simplifying the installation process of the Transtex single panel aerodynamic skirts, it can also be used to adjust the gap between the top of the skirt and the trailer side rail.

The Panel Holder’s built-in stoppers allow you to know if the tool is positioned properly on the trailer for a worry-free installation. When the stoppers are making contact with the side rail you know the Panel Holder is installed correctly.

Simply spread the flange on the bracket section of the Panel Holder and click them onto the required I-beam. Nothing more to it!

The tool can be adjusted for 30” and 32” wide skirts, using the bottom bolt of the Panel Holder. The latter feature can be used to adjust the gap between the trailer side rail and the top of the panel, allowing you to create a consistent gap across the length of the skirt.

Download our flyer here!