The Panel Holder Solution

Transtex is happy to bring you the Panel Holder. Not only does the Panel Holder stabilize the panel, simplifying the installation process of the Transtex single panel aerodynamic skirts, it can also be used to adjust the gap between the top of the skirt and the trailer side rail.

The Panel Holder’s built-in stoppers allow you to know if the tool is positioned properly on the trailer for a worry-free installation. When the stoppers are making contact with the side rail you know the Panel Holder is installed correctly.

Simply spread the flange on the bracket section of the Panel Holder and click them onto the required I-beam. Nothing more to it!

The tool can be adjusted for 30” and 32” wide skirts, using the bottom bolt of the Panel Holder. The latter feature can be used to adjust the gap between the trailer side rail and the top of the panel, allowing you to create a consistent gap across the length of the skirt.

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Transtex LLC and Transtex Composite Inc. File Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against WABCO Holdings Inc. and Laydon Composites Ltd.

LEBANON, INJuly 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Transtex LLC and Transtex Composite Inc. (together “Transtex”) announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against WABCO Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:  WBC) and Laydon Composites Ltd. in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division on Friday, June 30, 2017.

In the lawsuit, Transtex asserts that WABCO Holdings Inc. and Laydon Composites Ltd. infringe eight of Transtex’s patents by manufacturing and selling infringing trailer skirts under the trade name TrailerSkirt™ (Models TS225, TS248 and TS259). The patents-in-suit are listed below and concern Transtex’s aerodynamic solutions and methods for designing and manufacturing trailer side skirts: United States Patent Numbers – 7,748,772, 7,887,120, 7,942,467, 7,942,469, 7,942,471, 8,292,351, 8,449,017, and 8,678,474.

“At Transtex, we stand behind our products,” said Mathieu Boivin, CEO and President of Transtex. “We invest heavily in research and development to ensure our customers continue to receive the most innovative product offerings.”

In December 2012, Transtex favorably settled a declaratory judgment action for patent infringement with competitor Ridge Corporation, which manufactures and sells side skirts under the name “Green Wing”. That action was Case No. 2:11-cv-00840 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern Division.

“Just as we have done in the past with other competitors,” Boivin said, “we will continue to take proactive measures to protect our brand and intellectual property.”

About Transtex
Transtex is the leader in the development and manufacturing of aerodynamic solutions engineered to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions for commercial vehicles in transportation. Made from the strongest and most flexible materials, Transtex’s family of aerodynamic solutions leads the industry in performance, reliability, and value. Available in multiple configurations, Transtex trailer skirt products are EPA SmartWay Verified Advanced Category and C.A.R.B. Compliant. Transtex has been serving the industry in North America for over ten years and is based in central Indiana, USA. For additional information, please visit

CONTACT: Kristy Pealow, Marketing Director, Transtex, 1-877-332-3519 ext. 135, [email protected]

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Transtex Met With Andrew Mosedale, Head Of Aerodynamics At The ARC!

Transtex had the amazing opportunity to speak with Andrew Mosedale, the Head of Aerodynamics at the Auto Research Center, or ARC for short. Not only did Dr. Mosedale give our team a fascinating presentation on Semi-Truck Aerodynamics, he also gave them a tour of the facilities and permitted them to see the ARC’s Wind Tunnel in action!

Keep reading to learn more about the ARC, and what they do. You can also view Andrew Mosedale’s presentation right here!


The Auto research Center is a research and development company that provides multiple products and services to various industries including commercial, governmental, and professional racing. Some of its services include aerodynamic testing, such as Wind Tunnels, Track Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and more!

The ARC began its journey working with race teams for Indycar, which is why they are based out of Indianapolis. The company expanded its target market to the commercial transportation industry in the early 2000’s and has collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency on the SmartWay program, helping develop many of the agency’s standards.

Watch Our EDGE Single Panel Installation Video!

Transtex is proud to announce the launch of the EDGE Installation Video for our single panel solution! In this video segment we will take you through the steps, from start to finish, for the installation of the Transtex kits with the new Blue Bracket. Designed for quick installation, the two side panels can easily be installed by two trained technicians in less than 40 minutes.

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Simplify The Installation Process With The Transtex Panel Holder!

Transtex is proud to introduce our new Panel Holder solution. Our new product is a tool that facilitates the installation of the Transtex single panel aerodynamic skirts. It holds the panel in place, replacing the need for bottle jacks or equivalent tools! Not only does the Panel Holder stabilize the panel, simplifying the installation process, it can also be used to adjust the gap between the top of the skirt and the trailer side rail.

Overall, the Transtex Panel Holder minimizes installation time, thus reducing your cost of ownership. Download our flyer here!