Today We Celebrate World Environment Day

We’re proud to contribute to a cleaner world 1 skirt at a time. By including aerodynamic devices into our fleets, we can reduce pollutants like greenhouse gases. Let’s connect #WithNature on this #WorldEnvironmentDay!  How will you celebrate today?

Transtex Met With Andrew Mosedale, Head Of Aerodynamics At The ARC!

Transtex had the amazing opportunity to speak with Andrew Mosedale, the Head of Aerodynamics at the Auto Research Center, or ARC for short. Not only did Dr. Mosedale give our team a fascinating presentation on Semi-Truck Aerodynamics, he also gave them a tour of the facilities and permitted them to see the ARC’s Wind Tunnel in action!

Keep reading to learn more about the ARC, and what they do. You can also view Andrew Mosedale’s presentation right here!


The Auto research Center is a research and development company that provides multiple products and services to various industries including commercial, governmental, and professional racing. Some of its services include aerodynamic testing, such as Wind Tunnels, Track Testing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and more!

The ARC began its journey working with race teams for Indycar, which is why they are based out of Indianapolis. The company expanded its target market to the commercial transportation industry in the early 2000’s and has collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency on the SmartWay program, helping develop many of the agency’s standards.