Aerodynamics And You: Wind Tunnels

Why are aerodynamics important to your fleet? Well consider this: at high speeds, aerodynamic drag is to blame for approximately 25% of your truck’s fuel losses! Through aerodynamic testing and aerodynamic solutions, such as the Transtex Trailer Skirts, we aim to reduce that 25% fuel loss as much as possible.

Wind tunnels are one of the leading tools used for aerodynamic testing. More specifically, they are used to gather drag reduction measurements. Finding new aerodynamic solutions is crucial to reducing the 25% fuel losses caused by drag. This is where wind tunnel testing comes in handy; it proves in a quantifiable way the drag reduction abilities of aerodynamic products such as the Transtex single skirt kit. Combined with moving ground technology, wind tunnels allow testers to control the environment in which the model is observed, letting mimic real-world factors such as wind speed, and wind direction.  Although wind tunnel testing can be conducted on full scale trucks and trailers, it is most common to use a scale model replica of the vehicles. This is due to sizing issues and unavailability of a moving ground large enough for a full scale truck and trailer. Some may worry about the accuracy of results gathered from scale models, but research has proven that reasonable results are still attained with the smaller replicas.

Stay tuned for next week’s informational post on aerodynamic testing!